Day 15: I missed one

This was going to come eventually. I totally missed yesterday. There are a variety of reasons I didn’t get to post, mostly business – with things, events, myself and my own emotions. There was a lot going on and I didn’t find the time to post and when I remembered, I didn’t have time to even post then. Yesterday was followed by another busy day so I’m not making up for it. I knew a day would come when I wouldn’t be able to post but I’m so glad it wasn’t out of an emotional inability. I’m glad things actually came up. Reason being is I’m glad I came this far. I know a day will come when I won’t want to do it and will have to battle myself. It might be a day when I don’t. Maybe I’ll force myself to but I don’t know.

So upon reflecting on my first missed day, I’m proud of myself. I think I’d be proud either way. It’s so easy to keep dropping things after you dropped them the first time. So I’m proud that I’m picking up where I left off. I’m also proud that I didn’t beat myself up over it or feel remorse or convince myself I’m guilty of something or feel the need to defend myself. I accepted the circumstances. Of course, I can assume it’ll be harder when the day comes that my lack of post is actually within my control. However, here’s to having the strength to face that head on! I know I can do it.

I also decided that I’ll just pick up rather than start over. There’s really no reason and I don’t think it’ll have a positive effect if I actually do make myself start over.


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