28: Go Big or Go Home

That's the saying, isn't it? Basically, take the risk or don't try. It's always stressful when you deal with extremes and this phrase is an extreme at its finest. It's one of many varieties of phrases that tell a person that you need to go for it. Risk failure. Win it all. Or die trying. … Continue reading 28: Go Big or Go Home

27: Character Development

It's interesting to me how we rationalize our affinities towards characters in any story. Take characters in movies or TV for example, women will gush over men on the big screen and fawn over their character regardless of flaws or lack of depth. On the other hand, a woman could fawn over a character based … Continue reading 27: Character Development

Day 25

We're officially a quarter of the way through! Wow, time certainly flies. I can't even really remember what day it was when I decided to start this thing. My hands have been in some serious pain lately, making the motivation for me to write even less. Although recently I did fall asleep forgetting to post. … Continue reading Day 25