26: Taking Control

There come times in which you feel so helpless. You feel victim to your own circumstance. You feel yourself succumbing to it.

To be fair, it’s hard. You’re not in control of your destiny, of what happens in your future, not totally…although we try every day to maintain some semblance of control. Sometimes it’s just easier to let life happens to us. Let it pass through you and come along for the ride. It isn’t, however, the most satisfying of ways to get through it.

However, there’s also flaws in being a 46-point planner. Mainly it’s the need for back up plans and back ups to your back ups. And what happens when the worst case scenario happens? What happens when the thing you weren’t even thinking about happens? What then? Also, there comes a point in which planning (your life) to the T becomes infinitely more stressful than just letting it happen.

Like most things, it seems that the best way to get through the journey is to find the balance. The balance between letting life happen and figuring out your goal. Knowing how to plan your week and make room for spontaneous combustion. How to create the check points without overwhelming yourself with the details.

As usual, the hardest part isn’t even figuring out the balance. It’s maintaining the balance. And as usual, I’m just over here trying.


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