mafañagu. birthday. kaadlawan.

I tend to speak very lightly about my own childhood. I've covered that I had a fairly typical toxic Filipino family growing up, one that never made me feel safe being my total self around them. I stopped talking, took every word spoken to me with a grain of salt and was left largely alone … Continue reading mafañagu. birthday. kaadlawan.

Representation Part II: Sustainability

You may wonder about the rapid increase in cloth diapering content on my Instagram. Out of the first 9 photos on my profile, 6 of them are of cloth diapers. This is partially because I don't post very often on my feed and the reasons I have had for posting were reasons like a challenge … Continue reading Representation Part II: Sustainability

Identity, Culture and other musings of a Filipina giya Guåhan

So I've decided to screw the whole "100 days" thing. I clearly don't care enough about the pressure but I do feel a little bit more confident that I'll be motivated to write more.  As a child, I visited the Philippines 3 times and I barely remember the first one. My upbringing didn't allow me … Continue reading Identity, Culture and other musings of a Filipina giya Guåhan