29: My hands have been hurting

My carpal tunnel is the explanation for the delayed posts and the breaks this past week. As one might imagine, it's difficult to get through a post when your hands are in pain. I've been trying to reserve using my hands for necessities or resting them altogether. It's difficult especially when you have so much … Continue reading 29: My hands have been hurting


26: Taking Control

There come times in which you feel so helpless. You feel victim to your own circumstance. You feel yourself succumbing to it. To be fair, it's hard. You're not in control of your destiny, of what happens in your future, not totally...although we try every day to maintain some semblance of control. Sometimes it's just … Continue reading 26: Taking Control

Day 25

We're officially a quarter of the way through! Wow, time certainly flies. I can't even really remember what day it was when I decided to start this thing. My hands have been in some serious pain lately, making the motivation for me to write even less. Although recently I did fall asleep forgetting to post. … Continue reading Day 25