29: My hands have been hurting

My carpal tunnel is the explanation for the delayed posts and the breaks this past week. As one might imagine, it’s difficult to get through a post when your hands are in pain. I’ve been trying to reserve using my hands for necessities or resting them altogether. It’s difficult especially when you have so much to say or do.

With Christmas approaching, this is even more difficult because – as I’ve mentioned before – I like to craft or bake for Christmas gifting. So it’s becoming a little bit harder to keep up this blog. I’m not even sure I can make the 200 word count minimum if I’m just rambling about how much my hands hurt when I do things.

Today, they feel a lot better than they have the last few days. The amount of pain I was feeling on Thursday was insane. I could barely move them without feeling pain and my fingers were getting stiff so it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. I’m doing a little bit better now but I have to seriously watch out now that I’ve had a pretty bad episode of carpal tunnel pain. I do have medication to help with the pain but it’s not enough if I completely ruin my hands.

This is the second or third time this year that I’ve messed up my hands too much so I definitely have to be careful going into the next year. I think I’m going to have to try to work with my less dominant hand more than I have been.


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