Day 23: National Cookie Day

So I didn’t know it was cookie day when I made the cookies but lately I’ve been obsessed with perfecting my own chocolate chip cookie recipe. So I’ve been doing a lot of research and watching a lot of videos on chocolate chip cookies. Last night I finally put it into practice, not totally perfect but I’m getting somewhere.

I’m excited because I’ve never developed my own recipe before. I’ve modified recipes I’ve found or experimented with them. I’ve mixed recipes together but I’ve never experimented to create a recipe based on understanding what an ingredient does and how much of one will affect the rest. It’s so exciting! And I’ve seen a bunch where they add a little extra of some other things but I’m truly trying to figure out the best recipe that I like from things I can whip out at a moments notice. For example, I know people like to use espresso powder but I don’t use that enough and I don’t bake chocolate chip cookies enough to warrant needing to get them.

I’m trying for playing with ingredients I already have regular access to and seeing how I can make it perfectly to my taste. And I’ll really have my own recipe…sort of. I mean I know it’ll be a blend of techniques I’m leaning and recipes I’ve read but I’m over here taking notes and writing measurements. It’s quite fun. I’m proud of my own progress as someone who enjoys baking. It’s not perfect obviously but like i always say, “progress is progress.”

The first of many

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