Day 24: Kids are weird

And I don’t mean in the “kids do weird things” way. I mean, obviously kids do weird things. Adults do weird things too….but I’m talking about how kids are weird in the way that they eventually become non-kids….which is a roundabout way of saying that it’s weird watching kids grow up.

Take my mini, for example, or how I affectionately refer to her as “Soap”. The last time I posted anything related to her, we were working on her first science fair project in kindergarten. Now, she’s in third grade. Where does that time even go? And she’s getting so tall, too. She’s almost as tall as both of my sisters, it’s crazy. Even though she kind of mumbles still, she’s so much more coherent. She’s also much more reliable, too. I can now trust her to do things more. She’s also a good contributor to conversations, especially since she tends to listen to anything that’s happening around her even if you don’t notice it. There’s not a whole lot of that “talk about anything because she can’t really understand”. Now if you talk about something she can have input in, she’ll interject and tell you what she thinks or that you’re incorrect about something.

She’s really becoming a tiny person and it really makes you wonder where the time goes. This past birthday, she turned 8 and she insisted that I carry her on the way to the restaurant from across the plaza. But even though she’s skinny, she’s not a baby anymore and it really put a strain on my heel-clad legs. But I love the physical contact so it’s so sad to me that I’m certainly not going to be able to do it again next year.

When did this gibberish speaking baby turn into a more intelligible tiny person? Where does time go?


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