31: Kids are weird pt. 2

CLICK for the first part, if you missed it.

A recurring theme in my life is that the kids weigh very heavily on it. This kind of goes for all of my sisters (and not just the actual mother, haha). That year in Texas pretty much killed me being without the big one and as it goes, the more time you spend with them the more you become attached.

And here’s the thing about kids: no matter how close they are to each other, each one is so different. Maybe it’s nature, maybe it’s nurture but if there’s anything to be learned about kids it’s that even though they may have the same interests, some mannerisms and opinions….they way they act and react to things could be further from each other. I first began to see this when I watched Jon and Kate plus 8. With the sextuplets, even at 3 years old you could see how different their personalities were. I never really thought of this as a kid, of course. It’s obvious that people are different from each other but it’s so jarring to actually see as an adult…because it doesn’t matter if you treat each kid the same.

Soap and her sis are like night and day. This is actually a discussion I had with my sisters today, which is what is bringing about this train of thought.

#1 was the type of toddler who would hide and run away when encountered with people she didn’t know. #2 is the type who would just allow someone she just met to carry her…but she wouldn’t pretend to like it.

#1 is the type of kid who laughs at everything and likes to share her genuine bliss with the world. You couldn’t tell if #2 was having the best day of her life or her dog just died. #2 just…doesn’t emote.

And they’re hilarious in their own ways, too. #1 likes to make deadpanned jokes and #2 will never let you tell her that she’s wrong.

It’s so amazing to see and so funny to reflect upon. Do I need to make an entire category about the kids???


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