Day 20: I’m Up Late

And for reasons I won’t discuss, have not posted in a few days. I have some reasons – mostly exhaustion. But the main thing is that certain events got in the way of my writing and by the time I had a moment, I fell asleep. That being said, I’m typing away while I’m waiting for some laundry.

I know I mentioned that my sleeping schedule is whack right now but I was on track to start sleeping earlier. I slept at a reasonable time yesterday (exhaustion) and woke up at a good time today. However, it’s just not happening for me now. I’m sad because I’m so tired but I couldn’t find it in myself to not post for a third day…which is sign of good progress in my writing. This could be a turning point in which I end up rambling a little bit less in these posts.

In any case, guess what? I’ve made it 1/5th of the way through! I’d give myself a pat on the back but I’m kind of too tired. Thank you all for continuing to read these ramblings. I’ll try to be a little more coherent and entertaining from now on.


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