Day 19: Another One of Those Days

I’ve been sleeping quite late recently. Past midnight which is out of character for me. This doesn’t make me wake up later, however. In fact, it doesn’t always make me more tired either. It’s just what it is. I feel like if I sleep when I intend to, I’ll still sleep until the same time. I could be wrong and wake earlier.

In any case, regardless of whether this sleep change is affecting my physical health it is certainly affecting my mood. I am less enthused to wake up when I sleep later, it seems. I am less excited through the day and possibly less motivated. I wonder if it’s the negative connotations I could have developed about sleeping late. I think it could be.

In high school I practically beamed at my unorthodox sleeping schedule. Be home at 3p. Go to sleep. Wake up at 8/9. Eat and do schoolwork, blog, etcs. Go back to sleep at 2/3am. Wake up for school at 6 OR wake up to run at 5, sometimes a bit earlier. This may not have been the healthiest of sleep patterns but it worked enough, I think.

However, in my early adulthood I couldn’t do the long midday naps. Waking up past 7 or after 2 hour naps stressed me out. I couldn’t even really handle being awake at 12 most days. Now in my mid-20s I don’t even understand what sleep is to me. It’s just something that happens. Working at home means that I’ll sometimes take naps mid-day and work a little bit later than usual. I don’t really have a sleep pattern right now and in fact, with the night time patterns we have right now it’s not easy to nail down sleep.

So what do I even do? Also I wonder if regular posting is helping bringing traffic or if it would be best to hone in on a special topic for the blog?


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