Day 14: I like pie so I made one

Today was my first sad attempt at making a pie. I will share it with you.

I used the filling from this recipe.

And the crust is from here.

I’m not a professional baker but I do have some moderate experience with baking. I’ve made sandwich bread, cinnamon rolls, brownies, all kind of cakes and cookies. Baking is usually the way I commit to social gatherings. I’m more likely to attend a party if I say I’m bringing cookies and my sweet tooth isn’t so severe that I’ll eat the whole batch by myself.

That being said, there’s still plenty of times I mess up and my baking isn’t perfect. Plus, I’d yet to tackle any kind of tart or pie. For some reason, I thought this would be the year. The results, unfortunately were as I suspected. Some pics below:

Chilling in the fridge before baking
Cutting a slice. The dreaded soggy bottom. T.T
The first piece fell apart real fast. The next one not so much.

Fortunately, this wasn’t a total fail. The textures and flavors turned out generally good. I liked the texture of the crust but the biggest issue was the bottom crust.

I think the dough issue was a combination of things. 1. I live on a tropical island and it’s hot and it’s humid, every day. The AC helps but even baking at midnight can lead to bakes succumbing to the humidity. Crust out too long kind of melts the butter if you take too long to roll it out. 2. The bottom crust was waaaayyyy too thin. It was not going to be thick enough to support the filling and I suspected that as I began to fill it.

There were some other things but these are the major things I plan to tackle next time! All in all, I’m pleased and will definitely have no issue finishing this pie before I try again. I made some notes for a better go the next time and maybe I’ll post it!


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