Day 16: I have a topic but…

I’m not really in the mood to do that right now. I think I’ll save it for a tomorrow afternoon post. Let’s see…what can I talk about?

I don’t know. Oh man, this could turn into a ramble like we’ve never seen before. When I was a teenager, this was usually the part where I’d talk about my day. However, I don’t want to do that. In my 20s and end of -teens I became very protective of my personal information.

When you get older you truly begin to see how media in the age of information can be a destructive and dangerous thing. I know it was easy before to mask yourself and meet people to target…but I feel like now, people make themselves easy targets. We’re in an age of oversharing. People are saying where they’re eating or what they’re doing or what they’re wearing, which is fun. But especially when you have so many people watching you, could be dangerous or lethal and not just for celebrities.

When one of my relatives was younger we had to sit her down and talk about why it was dangerous to accept friend requests from random old dudes on MySpace. It’s dangerous. But now, if you’re on a public profile anyone can find and follow you. It’s scary. For me? I’ve never live-streamed. I rarely post on Facebook. I usually don’t post pics on my IG as something is happening and only after. I kind of even stopped vlogging because I didn’t always want people knowing what I’m doing. It’s not that I suspect someone is following me but this is how I protect myself and maintain my privacy.

I also feel like the more I share, the more of myself I’m giving away or even worse the less genuine I could become. So I try to maintain myself in real life and not on social media…unless I have something to promote.

But….you can always find me on Twitter lol.


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