Day 9: Gifting

I’ve been teetering back and forth on what topics I could talk about and decided to just free style.

Not as in rap. I can’t do that. I can wrap, however. Speaking of wrap I guess I can talk about the approaching holiday season and while I can wait on posting an “thankful” post, it’s never too early to start talking about Christmas. Especially for a Filipino in November.

I might do a wishlist for anyone who asks what I want for Christmas; a tradition I used to have was to write one on my blog to send. I’m a practical person when it comes to gifts, generally. I’m also picky. Not in that “I’ll return it if I hate it kind of way” but more in that “I really don’t like having a pile of things I don’t use”. I’ll admit I’ve gotten disappointed in receiving the gift I wanted in the wrong color. The reason for this not because I’m particularly materialistic. It’s actually because I like to keep things for the long term (it was an ipod nano 4th gen) and I intended to use it until I could afford to buy myself a new one. Disclaimer: I did not because it was stolen along with a few other valuables from me at school. I’ll also admit that I probably shouldn’t have expressed disappointment in the wrong color even if I actually was joking about it.

But this is all beside the point. My point is that I like to receive practical gifts and I like to give them. Recently, I’ve decided that I also like to make gifts. (Maybe because I’m kinda broke but also really enjoy gift giving?) Majority of my presents were crafts last year – from candles to socks. My goal is to make presents people can use or wear, rather than display or toss. So far, it’s been okay. Admittedly, the beeswax candle situation was not that great as I haven’t managed to figure out how to keep it from tunneling. Anyway, so I’ve been scouring pinterest for ideas on presents to make as well as going through my own inventory of supplies so I won’t have to purchase much.

After I finish making that apple pie on Thursday, it’s going to be quite busy.


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