Day 8: Is this thing on?

I’m starting to think the reason this is working is because I’ve been writing these at the end of my day, after I’ve showered and already lying in bed. I no longer consider proper conditions for my writing. For most of the days since I’ve begun this, I’ve just pulled out my phone, typed out gibberish and hit “publish” without much of a thought. In fact, the past two days I haven’t even bothered to check my spelling or grammar. I won’t be doing that tonight either so I’m crossing my fingers that I haven’t created total confusion over what I’ve written.

This hearkens back to my days insisting that I just write. No thoughts. No inhibitions. My best writing comes when I just decide to do it. Or even on days when I can’t help but start tapping away on a flat screen on a bus ride. I have to say it’s really working for this exercise.

Historically on this blog, I write blurbs and outlines and set it to my drafts where most of them have gone to die. I wonder if my energy or passion for those blogs end by the time I’ve done considering my thoughts. Outlines work, for sure. It’s a valuable tool when you’re trying to prove a point. However, for more freeform and creative things maybe not so. Then again, my style in academic writing or contract writing has always just been to write and stop when I stop. I’d fix it up later.

It’s like how whittlers carve and carve until they create a shape. First, I create my (metaphorical) block of wood and then I carve and carve until my words are coherent.

So I guess that’s why this works for me – this forcing myself to write every day. It’s just my style.


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