Day 7: Planning

I’m a planner person. As in, I like to plan things. Also as in, I like notebook planners. I like to plan out my day/week as it fits. I like to plan events and parties. I like to stand back and consider different tasks and activities to take on for myself. I’m a planner person.

But of course, as life would have it you can’t really plan every day by the minute…at least not without driving yourself a little bit crazy. So I don’t. My plans at 25 years old have turned more into guidelines and goals, in a general scope anyway (I touch on this in this blog). I’ve learned not to take it so hard when things don’t go exactly right and not to beat myself up if I can’t succeed within the time I had expected myself to.

I wonder though what it was like not to plan things, to not have appointments. How it was like before today. Before we started tracking ourselves by the minute or the day. I wonder what it was like to just wake up and let your day happen. I’m sure there was planning to some extent, such as finish fishing/foraging and get back home before the sun is down. I wonder what the human mind was like back then. I wonder if there was more or less stress. Perhaps less? I would assume not having imposed a timeline on obligations would make things a smidgen more carefree.

I wonder how we, today, can integrate an element of this in our daily lives. At least I wonder how we could do this without being judged as careless. How can we just allow our days to happen without stressing about what we’re supposed to fill it with?

I wonder, though, if folks sensitive about time would have existed in those times.

Not relevant but these wonderings also reminded me of The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. Give it a read?


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