Day 10: Searching for anything

Or in particular patterns. I don’t really have anything to write about. The last thirty minutes I’ve just been browsing ravelry looking at patterns. Again, this is related to my crafty Christmas. I also have a lot of yarn I could use. This means I have to start doing my hand exercises.

I have carpal tunnel. I’ve been to the doctor for it and my wrists aren’t too shy to tell me that I need to give them a break. As someone who uses her hands quite a bit, it’s very stressful. In fact, I can’t use my cellphone for very long periods of time or it’ll act up.

So why do I keep doing the thing? What can I say? I like to create. If there was something I could do to keep this pain even more at bay, I’d do it. I can’t stop knitting. It’s therapeutic. It’s creative. It’s productive. It’s a multi-purpose hobby that makes me happy. Even more purposeful is that I can make gifts and I’m getting pretty dang good at it too.

There’s just something so enriching about casting off and finally being able to take a look at something I’ve made out of nothing. I get so excited at finding new patterns. And it’s amazing how east it is once you get the hang of it. Knitting really isn’t that hard once you take the time to learn.

Wish my hands luck because they’re going to need it this holiday season.


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