Day 11: I can’t get no…

Moderation 🎶

Haha. Seriously, though. As I’m sitting here taking a break from knitting something, I’m seriously considering that the reason I have so many issues is because I can’t seem to moderate myself.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a lack of self control, unless potato chips are involved. However, I do have an inability to stop something once I start until I’m finish. I’m obsessive, kind of. I also have the kind of personality that gets addicted to things easily (reason #1 I don’t drink or smoke anything). It’s the reason I have carpal tunnel issues and probably the cause of the short-tern doctor prescribed diet.

I can’t self-moderate.

All my measly attempts to do so are only possible through alarms and apps that literally block my laptop screen at certain increments.

It’s only worsened by the fact that I work at home. More of my time is my own, meaning I can work when and as long as I want. By now, I’ve finally figured out how to keep myself from overworking myself but it took me a long time and enough willpower to not check my emails at 11:30pm.

Still, I’ve yet to really implement them in my recreational activities. Not to mention, I still can’t stop myself from eating the dang chips. Sigh.


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