Day 5: Routine

I really dislike when my routine is disrupted. I think most people do. It throws your entire universe off its center and more often than not we have a hard time picking it up afterward. This is sort of something I touched on with yesterday’s post.

Like I’ve said before, I’m an extremely anxious person. It takes me a while to mentally prepare for a lot of things. I have nervous habits that I do to calm myself. And when my routine is thrown off by something that I 100% could have prepared for, it’s very stressful. It sounds childish but I think most adults work well with routines.

That said, I’m coming from a place of stress right now. I’m very stressed right now. I’m thinking I should consider more ways to cope when my routine or my habits have been thrown off. Talking it through with myself should help, perhaps. I suppose a sustained disruption could allow me to acclimate. But still, a disruption is a disruption and could be exhausting as it is equally aggravating. Other than what I’ve mentioned, I don’t know better coping methods. Perhaps I could make myself focus more on things that have not been thrown off.

I’m unsure. Leave a comment if you have suggestions for dealing with this specific stressor.


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