Day 4: Consistency

I know it’s past midnight but I started my day late so I’m counting it. I guess consistency will be my topic since this is the first day I almost missed.

Consistency is a funny thing because sometimes the one thing we are consistent in is the lack of it. Many habits are accidental like sleeping in or leaving dirty laundry in a certain spot. Others are a nervous tick like peeing six times before bed. The better habits, usually, are ones you have to make yourself do.

This week I had to visit the doctor because of stomach problems. If you’ve been with me since high school this is not a new issue. I’ve been fearful of ulcers for a long time and once again I’m trying to make sure I don’t develop one. My diet is always inconsistent. Sometimes it is stellar because my body often craves cleaner foods and I lean into it. However my biggest problem is I snack too much. I love chips. I often tweet about how much I love chips. Displayed one of the shelves in my parents’ home is a picture of me as a toddler holding a bag of chips. My cousins have told me stories of them opening bags of chips as quietly as possible or I’d come running from the other side of the house. I love chips. I like my meals mostly vegetables and rarely ever crave meat. But you can pry this bag of starch and msg from my cold dead hands.

But alas, I have to stop myself from eating them while my stomach heals. Doc says more time between meals should help….which I’m taking to mean I have to snack less…which means no chips while I’m watching shows before bed.

And honestly I need to start reverting to my mindful habits anyway. The thing about my good habits is that I always have a hard time keeping them when there’s an interruption to my routine. Interruptions often stress me out too much so I end up dropping them altogether – things like reading before bed or cooking breakfast or or mindful meditations through the day.

At least there’s this now. One thing at a time. Just building as I go.


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