34: Representation

There's a hot topic going across the U.S. right now and it's representation of different ethnicities and cultures in film. Asian-Americans are now rising beyond the nerdy sidekick. African Americans are now taking control of the narrative by producing their own. The standards for included minorities is now higher; it is no longer acceptable when … Continue reading 34: Representation

32: A New Philosophy on the New Year

So I'm updating this for the first time in a while and also for the first time in the New Year. I originally intended to post on Christmas Eve but just as I began to ramble about how my sisters were later for dinner, they showed up and we ate dinner. The days that followed … Continue reading 32: A New Philosophy on the New Year

Day 25

We're officially a quarter of the way through! Wow, time certainly flies. I can't even really remember what day it was when I decided to start this thing. My hands have been in some serious pain lately, making the motivation for me to write even less. Although recently I did fall asleep forgetting to post. … Continue reading Day 25