Ruzelle’s 100 Days of Writing: #1

How do I start this? I don’t know, I had a lot of thoughts on the drive for how I could write this but I guess rambling it is. 100 days of writing. I know I’ve said several times that it takes 21 days to make a habit, but 21 days is not enough for me to commit so I’m forcing myself at least 3 months of regular writing.

Why? Because I don’t write the way that I used to, in that sad nostalgic way. It’s not even that I was a better writer at 19 than I am at 25. It’s that I can’t get myself to finish any piece for myself and I assume there are a variable of reasons to this. So I’m telling myself to write – it doesn’t matter what as long as I write. It’s kind of like how your 2nd grade teacher made you keep a journal. It didn’t matter what you wrote as long as you were writing and that’s how you get in the habit of writing. The reason I’m a writer and have historically liked writing is because for as long as I’ve been able to feel anything, I wrote it down. I’ve kept so many journals over the years that I have a box full. Yet, somehow while diving deeper and deeper into my twenties I’ve written less and less – not even for myself. So here’s my meager attempt to write and finish writing every day.

The next 100 days is going to be a mix of things from general wonderings to finally finishing and publishing drafts on my blog, at a minimum of 200 words each with minor edits. It’s also going to be a bit different than my usual writing (other than regular publishing) in that it’s going to be as unguarded as possible. I’ve considered that part of the reason for a lack of writing is that I’ve kept my writing as guarded as I keep myself in public settings – quiet and only piping up when I’m sure of what I’m about to say. So that’s going to change. I’m not going to suddenly start opening up when you see me standing in the corner, people watching at a fancy party. However, what you will get is the same inhibition-less writing that I used to share at 15 years old on my xanga site.

It’s not always going to be pretty. It might not make sense. It might not be grammatically or even politically correct. But if you can count on something it’s that I’m going to be 100 with you. Whether I’m being a butthole or an angel, I’m going to be honest. And honestly, I didn’t even think this out that well. I decided this randomly on the way home from an errand, which I guess is fine since many of my life changing decisions have come from spur of the moment decisions (e.g. my diet and current position at GIFF). Plus, if I’m going to keep paying for this domain, I might as well make it worth it. So here it goes: Writing starts now.



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