4: Stuff

One of my least favorite thing about capitalism is probably the stuff. When people obsess over the value of themselves through the value of the things that they have.

It’s crazy to see the amount of stuff people try to get rid of on the Facebook marketplaces. How often those things are just a result of overspending or being told something is a necessity when in reality it gathered dust in your closet. It’s amazing the amount of stuff that is seasonal, how much little stuff we actually need to go through our day.

For example, why the hell are there so many cups in my house? Every day I look around and there’s an unwashed cup and there aren’t even that many people in my house. But because there are so many cups, you don’t have to keep washing them. But then you end up with people using cups at a 4:1 ratio and then the cups take over the damn house.

And then there’s just living with my parents in general. Recently, I expressed on a thread that I dread the day that I have to deal with all the stuff my parents leave when they inevitably leave this earth. Every nook and cranny of their house is filled with their stuff – clothes, cups, George Foreman grills – many to be forgotten or gifted…or taken back to Macy’s for a percentage back and never worn.

And I’m a victim of this, too. When I was growing up, we went to the mall every Sunday after church. There was always something being purchased. Because of this, I hate going to malls and shopping – it exhausts me – but I love window shopping. When there’s something I like, I obsess over it. Many times, I obsess for years. I’ve been obsessed with white jeans but only bought them once (which I later grew out of) but I’m so fearful of materialism that I don’t despite knowing that I’ll wear them all the time. Yet, it’s so easy for me to purchase something for a specific occasion that wastes away in my closet for years or only pull out once a year. I’ll spend hours looking at something, researching it, reading reviews – or even a type of product. I’ll obsess over a type, then obsess over another and another and another. Because I know I’ll stop obsessing over it at some point and it’ll run its course. This way, I don’t put too much money down the drain but I still get to feel like I’ve satiated my materialism.

Like I said in this episode of Basically It’s Worse*, it’s really easy when you don’t make that much money. But in any case, I’m really hoping to cut back on my non-necessity spending. One of my goals for the year is to spend less than $100 on clothes – thrifted or new. I’m probably going to end up getting rid of a bunch of stuff too.

I also keep way too many books but that’s a whole other thing.

*Did I mention I was on a podcast? 


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