The Hunt

“Idle hands are the devil’s playthings” and my hands have been idle much longer than I can stand. Of course, I can’t really stand to be idle for very long but I think forcing myself into a do nothing vacation has been a bust. I can’t even remember what summers used to be like when I wasn’t going to school or working. At this point, it seems like it isn’t even possible so I kind of gave up.

worker bee, worker bee, worker bee

So I’m on the hunt for someone to accept my resumé and my eagerness to do something again, hoping that maybe something on this blog supplements my efforts to persuade such. The where’s and what’s of that are still kind of fuzzy to me but all I know is that I want to impact people with my work and I know I’ll work hard. I don’t like to disappoint.

So my curious readers: if you or someone you respect is looking for someone ambitious, persistent and passionate I might be your girl.


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