My Semi-Texan Life

Normally, I try not to post here with random ramblings but it’s “been a minute” (why do people use that phrase?) since I last posted so I figured that some fresh content wouldn’t hurt. The start of the year saw me a little bit busier than I normally want to be: I resigned from everything, finished shooting “Siha”, and got onto a plane for an indefinite amount of time away from home.

Now I’m sitting in my own personal nowhereseville, doing absolutely nothing, waiting for the right kind of something to come my way and take me on another adventure. Of course, aside from the strange sense of being unproductive, I’m enjoying the time to relax — people say I don’t do it often enough — before I actually have to face the world again. Having been on this little vacation for less than a month, I have to say it’s pretty weird to know that I don’t actually have anything to do. At least nothing that needs my immediate attention.

Meanwhile, I’ve been taking the time to center myself so that I don’t send myself out of whack again — quiet meditations, reading, morning yoga and the like. I’m going to have to remember to take the time to do this when I start working/schooling/ruling again.

As for adjusting to being in Texas full time, it doesn’t seem to be much of an adjustment considering that as a kid I used to imagine moving here one day and that I always considered this place another home. It’s not Guam, but I’m definitely comfortable and I’ve never been able to explain it but like the smell of this place (or maybe that’s me breathing in the lack of humidity). But it is kind of an adjustment knowing that I have no idea when I’ll ever be home again. I’m not sure when or if that’s ever going to occur to me. Until then, I’m not really homesick and I’m liking my time away. I am going to start missing the beach sometime soon, though.

Oh my, I live in Texas now. What a trip.


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