I’m guilty of making a list in my last post, yes. I know. I made a list of things people do or say when they find out how old I am. I have pet peeves and I thought mind was a little more thought provoking than, you know — lists.

I can’t stand them. I’m guilty of reading them – out of curiosity or because I’m too lazy to do much else – but I am in no way compelled to take them seriously. I really don’t think anyone should and it blows my mind to think that people get paid to make them. And it blows my mind even more that people do take them seriously and repost them on Facebook usually with the hashtag #listenup. I mean, I’m down for the occasional funny list but I think lists has become a whole new trend of its own and most of them are a waste of time. Thus, I’m going to make a list of the more popular lists and what bothers me about them:

1. Things Children today are missing/Things we did as Children

It’s like looking for validation that a certain period of time was better than the other. Yes, hit clips and CDs were all great and your heart gets filled with nostalgia if you happen to find one under your bed in the 8th great but this one in particular is getting played out. While every new generation has its own flaws and depressing realizations, the only thing you can do better is not to make a list telling them why they suck but to show them how they can not suck. Instead of complaining that your kid is on his iPad all day on your twitter feed, just take it away and throw him in the ocean. It’s almost fool-proof. 

2. Signs that you or someone is something

The current hot list circulating my feed is “signs that you’re dating a woman” or “signs you’re dating a man”. While a certain number of them I can highly agree with, some of the points were just plain stupid or even better, common sense. Both lists were a waste of time because while I can agree that certain qualities were best, it doesn’t just apply to one gender but could have been brought to a more general state.

3. Things you need to do

This is usually a places to see kind of list, but once in a while there’s a list of things you need to do before you have kids, turn 30 or whatever the heck the author commands you. It usually consists of, getting rip roaring drunk or travel to all the continents or go on a date with someone you know you won’t end up with. I don’t see any sort of appeal in the first and last nor do I plan to execute either. The second one can come in eventually and gradually, possibly but it’s not a goal of mine to travel, travel, travel. I’m a security over excitement kind of girl. I don’t need to do anything; neither do you, reader. Just because the list says you should, doesn’t mean you should go out of your way.

4. Comparisons of this and that.

This one never fails to be the 20s vs. 30s debate. Upon my research, I’ve only found 1 post that is about people entering their 50s; meanwhile, there are pages and pages about people who are leaving behind their ridiculous 20s and entering their ever so mature 30s. Pardon me when I say, give me a break. Recently, a friend Whatsapped a couple of us “differences between your early 20s and late 20s”. Naturally, I rolled my eyes throughout and stated “I can’t relate to any of these”. And I legitimately do not. I don’t carry the same attitude on things that most of these lists say a person of my age does — and I know I’m not the only one.

I know a 30 year old who still acts like he’s 22 and a 22 year old who acts like he’s 30. And during many of their moments of bonding, they meet in the middle and find that they can relate on many levels. In fact, they’re best friends. Age is but a number — quality over quantity, remember?

Not only are many of these lists ridiculously ignorant or biased or incredibly irresponsible, they create a standard that compel readers to reevaluate their lives when they aren’t doing anything wrong. Sure, they might reassure you that many people are in the same boat as you but it doesn’t justify reckless recreational activities. Besides, it leaves out people who don’t and don’t want to ever relate to them. I’m just so tired of all these generalizations because then they begin to mold the minds and opinions of people who read them and think them legitimate, when no list can really tell you what you want out of your life.

Thought provoking op-eds have suddenly turned into “30 things before you’re 30” and goshdarnit, I don’t want to do 28 of those things on that list. So, I generally don’t entertain them. All those lists do is irritate me because they give people a false sense that if they follow these lists correctly, then maybe life will be better or easier or whatever. The truth is, nothing those lists can offer you will do that. Everything is unpredictable and the truth is, no one and certainly no list has or will ever have it all figured out. So do yourself a favor: get off Elitedaily, go outside and get some real life experience to better help you figure out how to live your life.


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