No Color, No Run.

After two hours of sleep and a belly full of Little Ceasar’s (or not really full but there was pizza in there), I woke up at 0445 and drove myself to upper Tumon for Triple J’s “These Colors Run” 5K.

I’m ever so slightly disappointed for 2 reasons:

First of all, my body is made for running. It’s a family thing. We have fairly strong legs, built for running, kicking and dancing. Yet, I still stopped and walked about 2 minutes of the thing (accumulated not straight). I say all the time that I can run a 5k in my sleep and I’m not kidding. Whenever I decide to run, I do a minimum of 4 miles no stops. Then again, inclines (even slight inclines) intimidate me and I always believe I can’t run up them so that probably doesn’t help. I should work on that. I will.

I really need to get my butt out of bed and start running again. I miss it. My feet carrying me, barely touching the ground — not that I’m fast but that’s just the better way to run. My hair flying behind me, bouncing against my back any and every time I reach impact with the ground. The sound of wind or just air whistling past my ears. Being able to go back to bed for another three hours before school or even feeling more energized so I could get work done. (Plus, I’d really like to not do any walking in the next half-marathon)

Second of all, the only thing that got really colored during this run were my shoes which were a shade of pink at the end of it. I came out with a mostly white shirt while my friend o’er yonder had his pelted with orange and red. I was one of the people who somehow missed the fist-fulls of colored cornstarch despite being 3 feet away from the people throwing them. Most of it ended up in my lungs.

I’m not hating though, it was definitely worth it and I don’t intend to miss any after this. It was a pretty cool first effort, Guahan. Kudos!

And now, I hunger.

(here’s a reminder to add pics later)


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