A Year to Live

If you were to die tomorrow, would you die happy in the place you are right now?

I’m not so sure I would, but everyone thinks that. Or, almost everyone. There’s always that one thing you could have done better, that one window you should have jumped through and that one line you should have told that one person. If I was told in the next five minutes that I was going to die tomorrow, my first order of business would be to finish all my homework. My next order of business would be to write down as many projects I want to happen. Then I would do myself a huge favor and arrange a gathering with i familia-ku and waste away until my last breath.

Chances are, I’d skip right to the last thing. Priorities, I guess.

If I die tomorrow, I’d die with half a face and a remembrance of my potential.

Right now, I’m learning how to die via Stephen Levin’s A Year to Live. Because as Morrie says “In order to learn how to live, you must learn how to die.” The only way to make the most of my life is to accept that it will be over soon and push forward to make the best impacts I can possible.

But first, I must get over the disappointment of all the things I didn’t do and all the things I should have done. I must push forward and just do the things that I need to do.

In response to my horribly lethargic mood this morning, a friend said to me “Forget about the opportunity that you missed. Enjoy what you have and opportunity will come.”

So I’m going to shut off my laptop. Pick her up. Eat some food. And embrace the day. And write out my to do list. And get myself new pens. And not stress out. And get stuff done. And sorta-kinda-not-really-wait for opportunity to come.

I’m feeling pumped.


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