Nerdy Mommas: Gen. 3

It should be noted that I am a member of the Nerdy Mommas Guild (essentially a brand rep) and while it comes with some perks, I will not be talking up the brand dishonestly. I joined the guild AFTER using the products so I have good things to say. Use “Zelle10” at check out for 10% off


After months of waiting for the reveal, the Nerdy Mommas 3rd Generation of diaper prints have arrived on to the website and I am SO excited to share this with you. There are IMG_4818six different prints and I have so far snagged two: Neighborhood Friends 2.0 and Otaku Friends.

Neighborhood Friends is inspired by Ghibli Films and Otaku Friends is a bunch of well loved characters from well loved anime.

I was super excited to get Neighborhood Friends 2.0 because this is actually a remake of a previous diaper print that I kept putting off purchasing until it was too late.

While you’re here, I wanted to give a quick overview of some of the features of the diapers. I actually snagged a pocket specifically because I wanted to be able to give feedback on a product that I’ve used, since I do have a discount code.

Pocket Diaper & Insert

Demonstration of pocket size.

The pocket features three snaps on the wing, cross-over snaps to make the waist smaller, a 3×4 rise, a microfleece lining and a pocket in the back. These are standard features of any pocket you’ll find on the market!* The micro-fleece lining is very soft and the pocket opening is about the size of my hand so some people may find it small (I do not have big hands) but I think the elastic stretches fairly easily to stuff your chosen insert.

NM Insert on very top

Speaking of inserts, the pocket does come with a 4-layer Bamboo Terry insert (which you can also purchase separately). For my 10 month old, the single insert wasn’t enough so I paired it with a Thirsties Hemp insert which lasted about 2 hours. The insert is incredibly soft and super trim so your baby will not have a big fat butt with them. I have so far used both of the insert and pocket once and like them so far but I can post a review later if anyone asks.

Gen 3 Covers

Older cover is on left.

The cover I got was in the print ‘Otaku Friends’. I’ve talked about the Nerdy Mommas cover in my favorite diaper covers post here  but I’ve noticed a few differences between my older covers and the Gen 3 one I received. Mostly, the differences are with the snaps. This new cover only has one less snap on each wing but they do still have crossover snaps to make the waist smaller. That third snap is meant to keep droopy wings in place but is definitely not a deal breaker since people tend not to use them.

I did notice the front panel does have one less set of snaps on each sides so the older cover can go a little bit wider than the newer ones.

The covers snapped to the max

The PUL also feels…different? It’s almost unnoticeable but I think it’s a bit smoother than the Gen 2 covers I have. These are all negligible differences which I don’t think alter function at all but I did want to make a note of them for the sake of comparison.

I don’t think it needs to be said that I recommend these diapers because I definitely do! I wouldn’t have joined the guild if I didn’t believe in the product. The owner, Anna, is an amazing woman who I commend for not only running the company but also running a Facebook group and being VERY active in that group. The diapers are very cute and well worth it so I hope that you don’t doubt that this recommendation is a solid one.

BUT ALSO: they sell stuff for adults too so parents (or non-parents, whoever), go treat yourselves! Don’t forget to use “zelle10” at check out!


*I will note, however, that I am not a huge fan of fleece lined pockets or pockets with an opening in the back. I prefer athletic wicking jersey lined diapers with a pocket opening in the front….and it is hard to find a pocket opening in the front so I have taken to making my own.


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