Flats Challenge 4: Wash Routine

You can skip to the video below if you want to see the wash demonstration. I decided that making a video was much more interesting than me trying to write about it. This year, I decided not to get anything fancy and just use my hands. I couldn’t find a washboard easily and rather than try the makeshift washer situation, I decided to just go as simple as possible. I think if I were to do this more long term, I would definitely try to find a washboard or try the bucket-plunger trick if I had a large load. I know I’ve seen plastic ones somewhere last year but in the midst of a quarantine, I wasn’t about to go searching. However, if I had to go without and needed to scrub my diapers by hand the way that I have been I don’t think I’d mind.

Doing this was much easier than I thought. I honestly thought this would agitate my carpal tunnel syndrome more but it turned not to. Anyway, everything I used can be easily found anywhere probably. The sink mat is not that bad for scrubbing poop off.


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