Flats Challenge 2: What I’m Using

IMG_3116Before I go into this any further, some of you might be looking for a more in-depth explanation what a flat diaper is. A flat diaper is a single sheet of fabric, usually cut into a square. It’s what people used to diaper before disposables were a thing and before modern cloth diapers began to mimic that same disposable diaper shape. The reason why flats are a great diapering choice is because they come cheap, you can use anything as a flat and they’re easy to launder.

Below I’ve outlined what I’m using for my challenge and what I spent for them.


Green Mountain Diapers Muslin Flats: $19.95 for 6 (new)
Hemp Babies Flat Weeds: $24 for 5 (purchased used, new is $10.95 each)
Essential Home Jersey Pillowcases: $4 for 2
Cotton Kitchen Towels: $5 for 4 (at Shop 4 Less Guam)*
Gerber Receiving Blankets: $10.99 for 4
2 T-shirts from volunteering and 5ks: free

Total Flats: 23 at $62.94

As you can see, I’ve included a variety here. In my first attempt at this challenge, I wanted to cover as many bases and options that I could. So this ranges from buying new from actual diaper companies, buying used diapers from other people, as well as stuff you can probably find in your own home. The reason for this is because I wanted to demonstrate that these are all viable options for catching your baby’s pees and poops. Like, I’ve said before cloth diapering does not have to be fancy. Before this challenge, I already use a combination of these materials. For example, I use the Muslin Flat for day time and then I use a pillow case and Flat Weed for nights.

Diaper Covers/Shells

2 Homemade pocket diapers around $4 each (see explanation below)
1 Happy Flute Cover: $6
1 DiaperRite Cover: $12.95
1 Nerdy Momma’s Cover: $12.99
1 Thirsties Duo Wrap: Received through a trade (but retails for 13.95 new)
1 Bebeboo Cover: $14.95, but I had $10 store credit (code: new2020 for 25% off your first order!)

Total Cover/Shells: 7 at $44.89

My choices for covers and shells were to show a range of products for different budgets. I enjoy using all of these products and while quality and features may vary for different brands, I’m happy to recommend these products. Also these are adjustable with snaps so you won’t need to get different sizes when baby grows.

Homemade pocket using second-hand waterproof (PUL) fabric & athletic shirt

The reason I am including pockets I made myself is to show this is an avenue for those who already know how to sew or would like to. All of the materials used were purchased used, at a discount or I already owned them which cost me no more than $5 per diaper. Additionally, I think the pockets I do own (that I haven’t needed to fix) are out of price range for this even though I got them used**.


I’m using what I usually use which are cut up old t-shirts (again, free) and washcloths that I got from Ross (24 for $4.99). I wet them each use with a glass pump full of water.

Total cost: $112.82 USD

This cost could actually be lower than it is but because I wanted to include different products available at different ranges, it’s just over $100. I wanted to portray the different possibilities for anyone who might trying to figure out how to cloth diaper their own babies.

Like I’ve said in my previous post, I want cloth diapering to be seen as much more accessible for someone who lives on Guam. I really do believe cloth diapering can fill a need here and my entire intention is to show that. So I’ve made sure to include materials with different budgets in mind. Diapering isn’t a one size fits all situation and I want to show some options that can be available to anyone.

* These towels are half-flat sized, which means they are half the size of a normal flat diaper. I’m doubling up on them but a small baby or newborn could possibly use just one towel.
** Thirsties Natural pockets, which are $25 new. I got them all used but they’re too expensive for this challenge.


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