Phase II

As the summer begins to a close and people are going back to school, I feel it’s time to go forth to build/rebuild myself— officially, anyway. This means that I enter the next phase of this journey, which is not to find myself but, rather, to brand myself and figure out who I want people to see my as. It’s time to figure out who I want to be in terms of what I want people seeking me out for. My niché, if you will. I don’t really have a plan or a place (or at least one that would be ready to share) but all in God’s time it will come and I will be ready to assume it when it is.

In the meanwhile, here are some pictures of how my summer went: 

I took up knitting….hopefully I can make a decent scarf before the fall. 


I visited Dubai, representing University of Guam while I shared my senior thesis (“Media para Mo’na) with the world. 

I hung out with these nuggets (and took another picture with the Chick-Fil-A cow)

And I started working at Alchemy at AMS, with an attempt to tell stories and instate #funkypantsfridays.


Yeah, definitely not shabby at all. Onwards and upwards!


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