This is not the most comprehensive list of projects that I’ve worked on or jobs that I’ve had, but these are the ones I’m interested in showing off at the moment. All you need to know is, whatever I’m doing I’m probably crying. For a more info, email me or LinkedIn or IMDB.

Notable Credits

GOOD (2021)


“How are you doing?” Listen to one woman’s inner self as she considers thoughts and feelings that are all too familiar and real to those struggling with depression.

Banner Bandits (2017)


Banner Bandits is a full-length documentary that observes the prevalence of alcohol & tobacco signage on Guam, & how it affects the island, its culture and community..

Nihi Kids Talk (2019)

Associate Producer

KIDS TALK introduces kids on Guam to local and regional elders, cultural practitioners and professionals through candid conversations, to affirm identity and to reconnect children and viewers to culture and tradition.

Siha (2014)


A CHamoru soap opera web series that follows the story of four young adults which intends to showcase Guahån’s unique language and culture, including values such as honoring the extended family and inafa’maolek.

Notable work experience

Freelance Film/Marketing


Currently, my days are filled working on film varying from short films to web series to music videos and as a marketing coordinator – primarily for non-profit organizations such as Breaking Wave Theatre Company.

AMS Productions

Production Assistant (2015)

Responsibilities include: coordinating photoshoots, hiring and casting talent, creating production documents, books & contracts. Notable clients included American Heart Association and Dallas Area Rapid Transportation.

Guam International Film Festival

Festival Director (2016-19)

Starting as a volunteer in 2011 to eventually becoming the Festival Director, my responsibilities included: Notable responsibilities: coordinating and managing the film festival and other showcases, coordinating youth programs such as the Student Film Club, running the Volunteer program, and producing Banner Bandits.

University of Guam

Sea Grant Communicator (2013-15)

Among other public relations responsibilities, I launched the University of Guam Sea Grant Youtube channel and produced videos to showcase outreach and research efforts..